Obituaries have come a long way since Roman times when the first instances of them began appearing.

In Latin, “obit” translates into many things but in these terms translates to “setting”, like a sun. The “Daily Acts” in Rome was a newsletter on papyrus that was handed to the public that included the day’s happenings and the deaths of prominent Romans. As time passed, the local obituary has changed dramatically as newspaper printing became easier and cheaper. An obituary for a deceased loved one began telling a bigger story of the life they lived and those whom they touched.

Modern obituaries have evolved from newspapers to online memorials.

Rather than just a local obituary in the newspaper, digital obituaries can be shared all over the world instantly and people can leave messages on a digital obituary that can help the grieving families. Obituaries are how loved ones will be remembered in the community by those who may not have known them. Many people are now writing their own obituaries before they pass so their loved one’s don’t need to worry about it and for their own biographies to be told.

We are proud to offer that capability for the families who choose Smith Funeral Chapel. Take some time and read the stories of the people who are memorialized here by their loved ones.