Sabrina Natalie Hagstrom

04/20/2002 - 10/31/2023


Obituary For Sabrina Natalie Hagstrom

Sabrina Natalie Hagstrom, 21, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was born on April 20, 2002, and slipped away from this world on October 31, 2023. She struggled with severe depression for the past several years and finally left her pain behind. Her wish was to drift into the ether, where her sadness would dissipate, and she would float freely. Sabrina was always candid about her battle with mental illness, worked relentlessly to heal, and showed compassion for others who also struggled.

You would know Sabrina by her flaming orange hair and unique sense of style. She never wanted to be a perfectly uniform cookie-cutter young lady; instead, she was rather a wild monster cookie filled with all kinds of wonderful, mismatched pieces. And she could swear like a sailor when the mood inspired her.

Sabrina was always happiest spending time with her goofball horse, Linus. She knew he could jump the moon, and together they were ridiculously brave. She loved him fiercely and wanted to be the best horse mom. Linus never wanted anything except more treats; Sabrina always indulged him.

She is survived by her parents, Tania Riske (Lee Mahlum) and Dean Hagstrom (Joanna). Her younger brother, Nathan, will quite possibly roll his eyes but ultimately agree that he had a great sister, even if she did forever hoard all the horse treats. Others who will miss her are grandparents Arnold and Carol Riske and Jean Hagstrom, and uncles and aunts Craig and Nikki Riske, Darren Hagstrom, Dale (Jennifer) Hagstrom, Gary Hagstrom, and Debra Hagstrom.

Sabrina cared deeply for her friends and would whip up a crocheted hat for you if she thought you might be getting cold. She boasted the undisputed best boyfriend in the world, Seth Hieb. She had many special friends at Ameritina Polo Farm and on the Ad Astra Eventing Team. Lani and Nadia, you were her best friends and she loved you. Zoe and Nona, your friendship and mutual obsession with America’s Next Top Model gave her peace of mind. Linus, Izzy, and Pete will also be missing the nose-booping, snack-feeding, and cuddling-smooching girl who loved all animals. Sometimes I think maybe we should have let you bring Linus into the house, after all.

Sabrina would give a solid thumbs-down (or, more likely, a middle-finger up) to a somber memorial event. To honor her wishes, there will be an open-house celebration at Ameritina Polo Farm, 608 230th Street, Woodville, WI 54028, on Saturday, November 11, 12 – 4 pm. Please join us to share a Sabrina story and drink a beverage. The only request is that you wear or accessorize with something orange--the brighter the better. In lieu of flowers, please consider a monetary donation to Lost Creek Ranch ( or another non-profit organization that supports your own passion.

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  • 04/06/2024

    I just found out tonight that she had passed the end of October. I first met Sabrina when she worked at BAM. She was so nice to me, and she would take the time to help me or just talk to me. I didn't know her well, but she was a sweet, beautiful young lady that I wish I got to know more. You're in God's arms now Sabrina. Miss you.

  • 11/17/2023

    I'm so, so extremely sad to hear this devastating news. Every time she would come and I scanned her in for either lunch or supper was a joy.

  • 11/13/2023

    This news definitely hit me hard. I've known Sabrina for almost nine years, from middle school to the start of college years. Full and bright of energy, she definitely had a character to showcase and I always felt I could be real with her. She was loud and proud, would overwhelmingly glorify Linus, and she was always looking for freedom. It was such a joy to hang around her all the way from middle school graduation to lunches at high school. She's touched my heart and life in many ways. I was completely fascinated by her tomboyish personality that the middle school teachers refused to sit us next to each other, afraid that I had a crush on her. Also, her public school experience was news to my private school experience, where in 8th grade I got caught looking up what the word 'prostitute' meant. She opened up a lot of the real world to me and it was definitely an experience growing up. I'm really going to miss having her around, she meant so much to me.

  • 11/10/2023 Video of Sabrina Pictures

  • 11/10/2023

    I am writing this with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. The first time I met you we were at Seth's house. Either you or Seth said something, you both laughed and you said to Seth, I like your grandma, we will keep her. It me laugh and proved to me you were no uniformed cookie cutter young lady, but so much more. God wanted an Angel and he took the very best. Rest in Peace young lady, for we will meet again.

  • 11/10/2023

    I do not know who wrote this obituary, but thank you. It is a beautiful tribute to a remarkable young woman. I was a teacher of hers, and loved the unique perspectives and energy she brought to my class. The world is poorer without her.

  • 11/06/2023

    I haven't seen you for several years, but I always prayed for you to find some peace and comfort in your own skin/body. I cherish our time together at Crestview, and every time I see someone riding a horse (or have her nose in a book), I will smile as I think of you. God Speed, Sabrina. Continue to watch over your mom, dad, Nathan and everyone else who saw so much in you. Love, Ms. (Cathy) Kincaid

  • 11/05/2023

    I remember sitting with Sabrina in high school for our back-to-back science and math classes. It was junior year and we were both dealing with a lot. We'd commiserate when things went wrong, celebrate when things went right, and she was so good at picking my mood up even when I knew she didn't feel good herself. Once, she insisted on making me mac and cheese, and by god, it was the most buttery, delicious mac and cheese I have ever had. We shared a lot of much-needed laughs. I know sweet words are cheap, but I really will miss knowing this beautiful, wacky, brilliant person is no longer in the same plane as me. May she rest easy, free of pain.

  • 11/04/2023

    Sabrina was always the nicest of everyone to me. She never judged me, and made me feel the most welcome of everyone with Ad Astra. She was so funny, so bright, we had plans to someday hang out and meet her other friends cause she thought they would like me a lot. Im heartbroken that someone with so much light to share felt so much hurt.

  • 11/04/2023

    She was always everyone's biggest cheerleader. I have so many memories at pony club shows and events, at Otter Creek and just in everyday life, where even if it was something small in importance, she would cheer out words of encouragement. Her voice sticked out above the crowd in the best way when she cheered you on. I couldn't help but smile at her ability to make just about anyone feel accomplished, including me. Whenever I see someone run across XC in orange I will think of you, Sabrina. And I'll do by best to cheer people on like you did for me 🧡 rest in peace, friend.

  • 11/03/2023

    Brina, I cannot explain how hard this world is without you. You made me laugh so hard about everything shitty in this world and you were one of the three people I loved most in this world. I feel like a part of me is missing but I know how much pain you were in and how hard you fought for so long. I spend every single weekend with you when you weren't at school, we would watch breaking amish or scream we don't talk about bruno in my apartment, my neighbors probably thought we were nuts. Our target runs and texas roadhouse experiments will never leave my memory. I have never had a best friend like you and no one will ever be able to replace the impact you made in my life. I hope you're somewhere with Lydia petting the kitties and smoking a cig, I love you. Rest easy best friend.

  • 11/03/2023

    Sabrina We love you, we miss you, and you are now an angel with my precious Lydia. ❤️

  • 11/03/2023

    Sabrina you will always have a special place in my heart. You were an amazing tenacious big hearted wonderful girl. You can come ride with me anytime. Prayers of peace to your mom and entire family. Love, Cat

  • 11/03/2023

    The last time I saw Sabrina, she was leaving the stadium ring at Otter Spring with Linus, and I had tears in my eyes. They had just ridden a flawless round, their connection so palpable and fluid. You could see the level of almost telepathic communication between them. I was so moved by her talent, and so thrilled for the success of their ride, as no one was more deserving of a good round than Sabrina. I can best describe the love all of Ad Astra Eventing has for Sabrina as deeply protective. She fought for so long against demons that were much bigger than her, and never let that battle impact her deep-seated kindness and unyielding love for those she cared about. What a privilege it has been to know her, holding everyone in my heart during this time as we process a world without her.

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