Stephen Clay Mooney our free-spirited fisherman, lifelong resident of Eau Claire, left us August 10, 2018.

Stephen was born on January 21, 1955 to parents Morgan and Edna (Eaton) Mooney in Eau Claire, WI. He attended school at Sacred Heart and graduated from North High School in 1973, he then attended UW-Superior.

Stephen Clay married Dawn Marie Huggins Alley on June 1, 1985. Stephen was born to fish, and nature was his own. He loved the land, water, and wildlife. He was an expert at growing the most beautiful gardens. He was giving and caring to his family, friends, and strangers.

Stephen was a remarkable painter and home renovator. One could always expect nothing but the best from him. He was such a perfectionist about his work that his jobs took longer than expected.

Stephen was proceeded in death by his parents Morgan and Edna Mooney; his baby brother, Patrick; his Siamese cats, Mabel and China Moon; grandmother, Hazel Johnson; and his best friend Jack Burr.

Stephen is survived by his daughter April Joy Mooney of Eau Claire; His inseparable dogs, Chewie and Black Jack; Sisters Joan Stai (Cliff) of Yakima, WA, and Kristine Steiner (Erv) of Eau Claire; Brothers, Morgan Mooney of Sheboygan, Paul Mooney (Judi) of Cumberland, and Howard Mooney (Carol) of Madison; Nieces, Michelle Steiner of Eau Claire, and Jennifer and Melissa Mooney of Sheboygan; Nephews, Dan Steiner (Karen) of Neenah, Ken Stai of Osseo, David and Earl of Yakima, WA; Cousins Diane and Trevor Prior and Joan and Jack Prior along with family in Australia; Ex-wife Dawn Mooney; and Joyce Huggins of Eau Claire and family.

Memorials to the family may be sent to: Smith Funeral Chapel, 2222 London Rd., Eau Claire, WI 54701.

A private celebration of life will be held for family and friends at a later a date. Friends and family may leave condolences online at


  1. Steve was a long time childhood friend. One of my best fishing buddies, we had many great times together. I will cherish my memories of all of our times together. Sending prayers and thoughts to the Mooney family. RIP Steve. You will be missed.Mark Washburn.

  2. Stephen, you were one of a kind, you past in shocking circumstances you are now out of pain and the demons are gone. Rest in peace Stephen.
    Love Your Aussie Family

  3. Steve was a great guy. Spent a lot of time in the past with him and my children have many stories also. First one Tom brought up was his painting, yes he was a perfectionist but hand him a beer and he was even better. Lol. The Garden:. Some of the best items I ate were from Steve’s plantings and the love he put into them. As if you could taste the love. Corney, but true… His were special! He was special. His smile…rip-moondog, we’ll meet again some day.? ?
    Peace & Prayers to the family and my deepest sympathies. Jackie Thiel

  4. So sorry to hear of Steve’s passing. Was a shock to all at our 45th Class Reunion on August 11. I remember Steve well from our grade school years. He used to walk home with me from 1st grade and then would play with my brother. Made me mad that he did that! LOL Prayers to his family.

  5. A LIMB HAS FALLEN from the FAMILY Tree
    that says Grieve not for Me Remember the BEST TIMES,
    the laughter,the song
    ,the GOOD LIFE I lived while I was STRONG,
    gone but Not Forgotten

  6. So sad to hear of your passing, Steve. No more pain & hopefully you & Jack have already started looking for the next batch of fish! Love & sympathies to your families (The Aussies too) & untill we meet again. God Bless & R.I.P.

  7. The love that’s deep within me, shall reach you from the stars, you’ll feel it from the heavens,
    And it will heal the scars.
    It’s sad that you left without saying goodbye,
    But just remember we all love you as you begin to fly. RIP dearest brother.

  8. To my one and only Uncle who’s ever called me by my real name with that sweet accent. I’ll miss our visits and our strawberry picking. May your heart be healed and your soul be at peace. All my love, Leilani & Family

  9. To all who really truly knew, cared, and loved Stephen, I wish you peace. To Stephen I say, Cast away into the rainbows, the wind is calm, the water blue, the sky is clear, the barometer is right on, there are no limits, your back is strong, your hands are steady, slay all the fish your heart desires my love, my best friend. I’m sitting beside you, the eagles are guiding your every move my dear. The loons are serenading your new life. Stephen, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you! Kiss the stars, hug the moon, dance with the sun beams, no need for rain, you have my tears. Tears of pain and joy, for I miss you so, and with all that was left unsaid and undone, my fears subside for I know the truth will be reveled when we meet again. Your sparkling eyes, your priceless smile have returned, and for that I am eternally grateful. I will see you by the light of the moon Stephen always and forever. Thank you for loving me, Dawn Marie. PS. Canning your tomatoes, send your help! Chewie and Black Jack are loved and safe with sis.

  10. Rest in Peace Steve Mooney. I haven’t seen you since we were kids but your kind eyes haven’t changed and am sure your soul has stayed just as kind.

  11. Steve was a very special person and I have many good memories of him. He certainly loved to fish and kept most of his fishing holes a “secret.” I think he could catch a fish in a mud puddle. I’m sure that Jack and Steve are at their own “up north” in heaven, where there is no daily bag limit of fish. Rest in peace and may God bless you, Moondog. Condolences to the Mooney family.

  12. My Dear Stephen, it is time for your birthday, I bought your favorite cake, as you know my birthday is just a day apart from yours. So i intend on celebrating like we always did on the 20th of January. Things in April Joy’s life are very grime, she is doing her best to move forward without you, she misses you so much. She and myself can not and will not get over the fact that Chewie and Black Jack have been taken somewhere and we know nothing about how they are, if they are alive, if they are happy, if they understand what’s happening, on and on. I can not speak their names around Frankie, Fergie, or Lorretta, they run to the door with so much excitement and then they look sad. Good news though, Luna and Pepper are just fine. Wish you were here. I’ll never say goodbye. There is going to be a Blood Moon on the 20th also, how appropriate…..I will see you then, custurd angel food cake is ready for you Stephen and so are we. Always Dawn Marie, I’ll be seeing you.

  13. Hi Stephen, missing u so much…the weather is crazy here…bet you would have had a cow…dealing with this mess… love u…Dawn

  14. Missing u everyday Stephen….I had heart surgery the end of May, don’t know how long I have. April is so good to me. She misses u so very much. Still no word on Chewy and Black Jack….we miss them so much, they are apart of u. I’m trying to hold on for our daughter, as u thought your family would do, they have. God wish you were still with us. Always loving you Stephen, Dawn

  15. Another 4th gone, and you were with us, I know…wanting you to know that we will never ever forget you Stephen…you will never know just how much we miss you and life without you is sad so very very sad….. contact Us as soon as you can…please and thank you for everything. Always, Dawn

  16. Stephen tomorrow it will be a year that you left us….. I can’t begin to tell you how much you are missed… heart broke, yes it physically did…..just knowing you were out there somewhere was enough…..I know talking to you on this site is surely not going to make you come back to us, but it sure is helping me cope…..I am loving you always and forever Stephen….. Dawn

  17. One year today……a fish jumped out of the water and kissed your tears away and you couldn’t stay……I cried by the way all these days……it was you I loved as we sat on the dock of our bay……I wish you here with me…… yet it will never again be…….our story lives on with our secrets not yet spoken……I hope your heart has mended for mine is broken……what was said to you was not true……they didn’t have a clue……no one on Earth knew you as I did for I was you…….always loving you……I’m not saying goodbye I’m saying hello……you tell me when to go and I’ll go…….. I’ll stay for as long as you say then we’ll meet half way…….say by the bay…….our secret……… Dawn

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