Eau Claire Memorial Crematory views cremation no differently than funeral services and standard burial.

Cremation and cremation services have come a long way over the years as many more people are opting for this service.

Many people believe that cremation takes the place of a traditional funeral.  This is incorrect. We can discuss options with you when it comes to the timing of the cremation. We can perform the cremation services after the traditional funeral or prior to a memorial service. These options are aimed at allowing the family to choose the best way to honor their loved one.

Eau Claire Memorial Crematory will also help you decide what’s best for the cremation products including a cremation casket and the urn.

We will help you with the different rules for cremated remains at different cemeteries.  There are many requirements that must be met for some of our local cemeteries.

Many families have different hopes in terms of how to handle the cremated remains. We value the desires of each individual and will help you make sure your loved one is remembered as they wanted or as the family chooses.

How Does Cremation Work?

Cremation heats the body to anywhere between 1,500 degrees to 2,000 degrees and can take anywhere between two to three hours for the average-sized adult. We take great care to recover all organic material, separating any metal objects from the cremated remains. Cremated remains can look like white or grayish sand and can weight between four to eight pounds. We return your loved one’s remains in the urn or container you have chosen.

Eau Claire Memorial Crematory is committed to compassion. Our hope is we can help you and your family during this difficult time and honor your loved one so the memory of their life can be with you forever.